Dreaming with God

Have you ever thought about dreaming with God? What I mean by that is taking time to hear from God– maybe on a walk, or on a retreat, making space to hear specifically from the Lord and what is on His heart. Some of my favorite scriptures about dreaming with God: Proverbs 16:3-Commit to the Lord […]

How to Read Scripture

I am often asked how to read Scripture. My response is to allow the Word to read you, to have the Word speak to you as a love letter from God the Father. When I read Scripture, I ask the Lord to speak to me through His Word and journal what I sense He is […]

See How He Loved Him

This morning I have been focused on the story of the death of Lazarus. Many of you know this story, however in the way of a review, He was a friend of Jesus, brother of Martha and Mary. When Lazarus became deathly ill, they sent for Jesus knowing that He was the Healer, yet He […]

What Rules Your Day?

I have a question for you today. What would you say rules your day? In case that question seems a bit vague, let me ask you this in another way. What do you spend the most time thinking about? Your job Your next meal Relationships Fear What would you say consumes your thoughts and actions daily? […]

Where is God?

I have been thinking about the questions I am frequently asked as a ministry leader: Where was God when I needed Him the most? Why does God feel so distant? Why should I count on God when He has let me down? So many good questions. I say good because our faith will never grow […]

Letter to My Younger Self

  Despite the commercials we see on tv or magazine ads we read, aging was not invented by Satan himself. It may feel like it at times when you look in the mirror and don’t recognize yourself. Or when you go for a run, or a walk or even a crawl and you can’t move […]

Do You Like Yourself?

Here we are again, together on this Abiding Space blog. It’s a place where together as a Drawing Near community we are trying to make space for God; make space not just to know Him but to enjoy HIm. And… it’s a place where I am able to express the things that are on my […]

A New Normal

I don’t know about you, but I keep hearing people say: ” Is this our new normal?” The last 6 months have proven to be stressful because we are not in control. When things were more normal, we had a bit of control (or so we thought) over our lives. But now, each day it […]

Guest Blog – Extravagant Kindness

This is my dear friend and Drawing Near to God Ministry board member, Mark Andrews with a great blog post on Extravagant Kindness.                     Ephesians 4:31- 5:2 Let all bitterness and wrath and anger and clamor and slander be put away from you, with all malice, […]

Are Your Lines Crossed?

This week I finally called Comcast. I say finally because my internet has gone out multiple times and then it comes back on. It did not work for me to unplug the modem as we are told to do. It didn’t help to talk to the Comcast agents for what seemed like an eternity. You […]