Taking a Risk
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For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me will save it.

Luke 9:24


The Israelites had to take a risk when they stepped into the swollen waters of the Jordan River. Such a risk involves trusting God to go before us even when we do not see Him. Wandering in the wilderness brought about the death of an entire generation of people. They were unwilling to surrender and trust God to take them into the Promised Land, which was to be a place of freedom. It was the next generation who chose to believe God’s promise and obey. They were the ones who entered into the freedom and new life that God had promised them.

In the same way, before we actually risk taking the first step in obeying what God wants us to do, we must be willing to trust God that He will be faithful to buoy us as we carry out the decision to be obedient. Just as God went with the Israelites, He will go with us. It is risky to step out in faith, believing with our “spiritual eyes” and not seeing with our physical eyes.

We have been taught to see and then believe, but faith means that I believe, then I see. The Word teaches us that if I want to save my life, I must lose it.

This is another “kingdom principle” that defines our spiritual life. The world teaches us to preserve our lives; the Lord teaches us to be willing to lay our lives down. Again, risky business!

As the Israelites crossed the Jordan River and went into the Promised Land, they did it together. Today, we need Christian companions on our journey of faith to help encourage us along the way. As you cross the swollen rivers of your circumstances, take a friend along in prayer to assist you as you lay down your life and cross over. Jesus Christ has promised that He will lead the way.


Heavenly Father,

Why is it so difficult to take a risk? I edge out to the bank of obedience and then fear pushes me back to shore. Help me to step out in faith and trust You with my life. I surrender all my fears and unbelief.

In Jesus’ name, Amen



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