The Majesty of God

Good morning, Making Space for God friends! For those of you that follow my blog each week, you know that on Thursdays I post the notes from my teaching so that those who are participating in the study can keep up and those that are unable to participate can have a sneak peek at what we’re studying. But even if you can’t join us in person, remember that you can always sign up to stream the study and watch it on your own schedule!

This week we as seek to Make Space for God together, we are continuing our study of Isaiah with Isaiah 6-10. The theme of this lesson is the Majesty of God. Specifically, we looked together at how we react to a call from God. When we hear a call from God:

  • We may discount it,
  • We may ignore it,
  • We may disobey it,
  • But when we see the majesty of God, we will fulfill it

As we look at Isaiah 6, we see the following principles — 

  • Whenever we are faced with the holiness of God we are undone
  • We know that we are unclean
  • We are exposed
  • We can’t hide
  • We need a Redeemer- nothing else will fix us

I thank God for making a way for me to draw near to Him through His Son Jesus Christ. Some life applications from this lesson are:

  • Seek the Lord who brings salvation.
  • Pray for deliverance.
  • Daily draw from God’s eternal spring of salvation.

I hope this is encouraging to you – I’d hear how you are making space for God this week. Leave a comment below —


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