Thy Will Be Done
by Joanne Ellison

Today in our continuation of the study of Ruth & Esther, we looked at “Returning to Bethlehem.” In the book of Ruth, we see how Moab was a picture of emptiness. Moabites were created from an incestuous relationship, driven from their original land, and yet, in the end, becoming the place of God’s fullness; Moab was the land from which the Israelites were able to see GOD’S PROMISE.

So how do we apply this today? Here’s a thought:

The place of your desolation in God’s hands becomes the place of your biggest blessings birthed and grounded in God’s promises.

That really changes your perspective, doesn’t it?

As part of our lesson, we also listened to the song, Thy Will, written by Hillary Scott. Here is an interview with Hillary about the story behind this song:

Our wonderful worship leader Julianna also sang this song over us as we concluded the morning. I’m sharing the music video with lyrics below and linked here so those of you who aren’t able to join us live or via streaming can listen to Hillary’s version. I encourage you to listen and reflect on what you may see as a place of desolation, but God can turn into the place of your biggest blessings, as part of His plan for you.



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  1. P. Audrey Jaudon

    What an amazing study today Joanne! I truly thank God for you and DNG. Oh taste and see that the Lord is good!!!Right! As for me, feed me till I want no more!


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