Time Out
by Joanne Ellison

We are just beginning to emerge from from a world wide “time out”. It is surreal to think that the pandemic caused many of us to shelter at home. Now we are beginning to reopen cities, jobs returning and a new normal is being set for us. But before we race off to the new normal, it is good for us to make space to consider our old normal.

Were we making abiding space? Space to not simply read Scripture but have Scripture read us?

Were we finding times to “be still” and reflect on life, on God, on our hopes and dreams or simply spinning out of control?

Were we discovering our creative selves that are often found in the stillness of our hearts?

Perhaps there were patterns of our lives that needed a reset. Yes, for many of us we have been in a great big TIME OUT.

Abiding Space

And I believe that the Lord is using it to draw us nearer to Him; hear His voice more clearly and see the world with unfiltered eyes. We have been learning that families really are the core of who we are and offer us a place of belonging. We have reconnected with friends and found a new rhythm. My biggest concern is that we will forget the things that we have learned and are still learning in this time. This blog is dedicated to helping you stay connected to Jesus and press into a new normal that allows your soul room to breathe again.

So let’s get practical. In order for me not to forget the things that I learned during this pandemic and facilitate my leaning into a more peaceful normal, I wrote a list during my quiet time with the Lord. The list was titled:  My New Normal. I asked the Holy Spirit to show me what He was calling me to do helping me prioritize my overly scheduled life. And each morning I wrote down what I sensed I needed to let go of and what I needed to devote more time to. It was eye opening how many things I was doing that were sucking the life out of me and how many things were on life support. And what transpired was amazing! I ended up with a simple few things on my list:

Love the Lord God with all of my heart, soul, strength and mind

Love my neighbor as myself 

Now wait a minute. It boiled down to just that? What about Moms running carpool and helping with homework assignments and cooking meals?  And women who are holding down a job, running a household, or our single women who have major responsibilities?  What about those things? Friends, those things remain on the list, but they all fall under love God and love your neighbor. In light of the simplicity of this, our families, our jobs, our responsibilities become less of a burden and more of a calling.


Love God. Love your neighbor and eliminate all the shoulds and oughts. Eliminate busy and pick up being. Remove the excess and follow simplicity.

As we are released from our global “time out”, it is important to discover that life can be simplified for all of us.

Would love to hear from you if you sense a reset in your life.

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