Trembling at His Voice
by Joanne Ellison

This week in our study, Living in God’s Presence, our lesson was entitled, Trembling at His Voice. What a cheery title, right? But in all seriousness, this week we talked about the beauty of God’s voice– His whisper. So many of us fear His voice and yet He is the tender Shepherd who leads us into our hopes, dreams and destiny for which He created us.

The problem is many of of us have a curtain or veil up. Is there a curtain or a veil in your life where you’ve closed it off to God? A place where you’ve been angry or ashamed? You see, the enemy wants you to think the veil is there but Jesus wants to tell you it is finished – the veil is lifted.


God is speaking in many ways – are you recognizing his voice? He is continually speaking in the chaos of our lives. Here’s what we know about God’s voice —
  • God spoke and the universe was created
  • God spoke through His prophets
  • God spoke through His Son
  • God speaks through Holy Scripture
  • The Voice of God though provoking holy fear/reverence)is a voice of love, compassion and kindness

God’s voice reaches our hearts. We need head knowledge to become heart knowledge and then we take it to the streets of life. If the enemy can keep you from hearing the voice of god, he will keep you from reaching your destiny.  One of the key ways we hear from God is through His Word. You see, the Bible comes alive when we read it and allow it to read us.

Here are some of the effects of God’s Word

  • His Word leads us into His promises—a land filled with good things
  • His Word leads us beside still waters
  • His Word leads us into truth which brings life not death
  • His Word gives us direction
  • His Word brings us conviction
His word will accomplish what He sets forth in your life.
So what are some ways that we’re preventing ourselves from hearing God’s voice?
  • Have no margins in your life
  • Be so self- sufficient that you don’t need to hear from God
  • Respond to every need as if you are the only one who can fix it
  • Physical and mental fatigue
  • Discounting or ignoring the Holy Spirit (doubt and unbelief)
  • Insist that your comfort zone is all important
  • Be religious – check off your church activities (these are good, but not if our intentions are to check it off the list)
  • Unconfessed sin
  • Disobedience
  • Involvement with the occult-
  • Hard unforgiving heart
  • Agreement with lies rather than the truth of God’s Word or believing a “mixture”

Are there any things on this list that are keeping you from hearing God’s voice? I encourage you to “make space” today for His whisper.



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