Where Can I Go?
by admin

Good morning friends! Today, I want to talk about God’s presence. Sometimes God’s presence may feel distant but I’m going to suggest that it’s not that God’s presence isn’t there. The question is, where are we? The choices we make affect how much of God’s manifest presence is working through us. If we want heaven on earth, we need to learn how to host His presence, as we are the temple of the Holy Spirit.

The problem is we are content much too early with far too little so we stop – but God wants to pour and pour His presence into our lives. 

We will always be restless and discontented until God takes up full residence in our spiritual home. He placed an altar there that only He can fill.  Are you willing to be filled up?

We are in a war zone and the battle is for our hearts.

But God…

He made us part of a bigger story…

  • God created you in His image.
  • He created you to be in fellowship with you.
  • He has and never will abandon you.
  • He was with you when you were formed in your mother’s womb.
  • He was with you at your birth.
  • He has been with you during your lifetime thus far and will never forsake you.

Wow, how wonderful is our Lord!



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