Worrying is Not an Option
by Joanne Ellison

What if worrying were not an option? What if we had only two options:

1. Trust God

2. Let go of control.


Actually, as part of humankind, we all worry at one time or another. It’s in our nature. But wouldn’t it be fabulous if we could not worry; if we simply could not access the worry button? What if the only button we could press when we are anxious is the trust button? I wish it were so easy.

Do you remember the Staples commercial a few years ago that suggested that at Staples all we needed to do was press the easy button? It was so appealing that I wanted to shop at Staples every time I was stressed. Go to Staples and they would make everything easier for me. Funny how that commercial still is one of my favorites. Goes to show how desperate I can become.

Back to our subject- worry. Worry is…

W- wasting our time

O- opening ourselves to undue stress

R- stealing our rest

R- running from our problem (denial)

Y- yearning for a way out.


What if instead, we trust God?

T- turn to God for a solution

R- run to His Word

U- understand or view the situation through God’s eyes

S- find a God solution

T- wait on God’s perfect timing

If you recall from a former blog “In an Instant,” my husband had a cycling accident. He broke his collarbone and some ribs and has not been able to exercise (think bear) and has been limited in all of his activity (think super bear). He is an avid cyclist and there are so many things that he has been unable to do. Thankfully he decided to contact a law firm who specialized in bike personal injury settlements just after his accident and they were able to help him make a claim. It was a good job really as the doctor’s bills have not come cheap so this has helped us to be able to afford this without having to spend our money. They were very helpful and supportive. Hopefully, we won’t have to use them again but we know where to turn to in case it does. Last week his doctor released him to begin cycling again and I thought I would be thrilled because I knew that this would help his spirits so much. And it did. But not for me. I began to yes…. worry. I imagined every possible scenario that could happen on his first cycling trip since the accident. I became obsessed with trying to find a way to keep him from going back to what I considered a dangerous sport. Finally, my husband said something to me that was a game changer.

Cycling bliss (for him, not me:)

Joanne, I feel most fully alive when I am on my bicycle.

So what do I say to that? No. You might find yourself not fully alive but fully dead? You guessed it. I gave up control and reminded myself that God made a promise to both of us; that He would never forsake and abandon us; that He has this.

What are you holding on to so tightly because you are afraid to give up control? Does trying to control the situation help the situation? What if… you turned your worry into trusting God? His Word is our lamppost. It illuminates our path and gives us a sense of well being. Yes, He has this. Whatever you are holding on to tightly, it may be time to let go. As long as your grip remains, you may even be blocking God’s plan.

Trust in the Lord with all of your heart; lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your path straight. (Proverbs 3:5)



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  1. Maribeth Ditmars

    I was just saying several verses about trusting God to myself this morning. I witnessed the ultimate trust of my teenage son as he was dying of cancer when he actually comforted us. When I overcame an addiction I did it by trusting God. Now our business isn’t paying the bills, and nothing we do seems to work. Today I choose 1 Thess 5:18 to give thanks in all circumstances. I choose once again to trust God and wait for his timing.

    • joanneellison

      Maribeth, we trust God because He is trustworthy. My heart breaks for the things that you have endured and yet I know that God’s faithfulness will see you through. For sure I Thess. 5 is a great reminder that we are to thank God in all things. Doest mean we thank Him for the things that have been so devastating. We acknowledge the pain but thank Him that He will and does see us through. He is faithful– even when life seems to be falling apart; He grips your hand and leads you through. Bless you as you continue to trust Him.

  2. Christen Flanders

    First off. So glad your hubby got the thumbs up from his doctor. That’s a huge blessing and answer to prayer! Love, love, love this! I think being a woman and mama I can so relate to this. We love these precious people/blessings the Lord has put in our lives more then anything. I was in a horrible car accident in high school. It has left me paralyzed at times with fear that comes and goes, but didn’t hit me for years after that wreck. Fear of what could happen to me again or someone that I love. I have to remind myself that Jesus saved me from something that absolutely should have killed me. That He not only has purpose for me and my life, but purpose for my husband and children and loves them dearly too. Thank you for sharing and being so honest. You’re so right. It only robs us of the present and ultimately doesn’t change the outcome which is up to God anyway. We need to hit the trust button and live life freely and more easily. Isn’t that His intention for us?!?

    Being at the beach this week, I’m easily able to put away all worries, stresses and most of my responsibilities. It shows me such a new perspective of how I should be living or at least how and what I can tweak at home to bring that chillaxed behavior and atmosphere of peace back home.

    Thank you for your continued love, encouragement , hinesty, and wisdom, Joanne. Your blog post always hits right home.

    Madison brought Tell Your Heart To Beat Again and is reading it for a 3rd time!

    • joanneellison

      Delighted to hear from you and that this post spoke to you. Fear can be gripping and it is a tool of the enemy to keep us on a hamster wheel of not enjoying our lives and living into our purpose. Fear as you said does indeed rob us of the present and God is in charge of our past, present and future. Bless you and your sweet family. Give Madison a hug from me:)


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