Year of the Eagle

For those of you who follow my blog regularly, you may recall that earlier this year I had the sense that the Lord was telling me that this is the year of the Eagle. You can read more in my blog post, here. Three things that I heard the Lord calling me to do this year were to be intentional, be strategic and simplify. 

This week, I shared more about this topic with our Drawing Near to God Teaching & Worship Experience Leadership Team. We are preparing for the upcoming study on Isaiah, which begins September 5th and 6th. We’d love for you to join us in person or via streaming — more info here.

Here is some interesting information about eagles that I’ve learned in my research about them:

  • Being born an eagle is not easy. First, the chick hatched gets a headstart and will attack and victimize newer chicks, so it’s survival of the fittest
  • Eagles do not mix with other birds
  • They fly at a higher altitude
  • They do not look back as they attack- they are confident; other birds are constantly looking for predators
  • They have powerful vision
  • They are fearless,  never surrendering to its prey no matter its size or strength
  • They are tenacious

Here is how the eagles exhibit the three things I mentioned that I sensed the Lord was calling me to do:

  • Eagles are intentional- they do not waver – they are proactive; forward-moving; they look towards their goal, not back
  • Eagles are strategic- they are powerful and their strategy is simple. Use their power, vision, beak, wingspan to own the space
  • Eagles simplify – they have a few STRONG characteristics and qualities but they use them both strategically and simply. THEY DO NOT TRY AND BE ANOTHER KIND OF BIRD

Isaiah was a prophet who had an assignment from God and, much like an eagle, he exhibited these qualities. He had vision. There is much that we, as Christians, can learn from these examples. I invite you to join me as we study the book of Isaiah and together look at ways to access the freedom and comfort that God offers!

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