Be Anxious for Nothing
by Drawing Near to God

You see, sometimes our calendars and schedules can get overbooked and we get worn out from that. And other times it is our anxious thoughts that make us worn out. So that’s what I want to talk to you about today – anxiety. You see, there is a peace that only God can give. The entry below is from my devotional, Sitting at His Feet. This entry is based on the comfort that the Lord has given me in anxious times. I encourage you to join me this semester as we draw near to God at our Teaching & Worship Experience. And if you bring a friend, I’ll be glad to give you a copy of Sitting at His Feet as a gift to you!

I see that anxiety has found its way into the space where I desire to dwell. Your anxiety has filled your internal space with thoughts that are not my thoughts and ways that are not my ways. I have not deposited within you anxiety; that is the counterfeit of my peace. Take a look at the root of your anxiety. My Word to you is to be anxious for nothing. I care about every hair on your head. I watch your every move and lead you to the place of freedom from the cares of this world. The world can cause anxiety but my children bear the mark of peace and contentment, not as the world gives, but a peace that only I can give. Come close to me; sit with me; talk to me and I will listen. Lay down your anxious thoughts and agree with me that I am your Paraclete, the One who comes alongside you and cares for you. This is a better way, a road less traveled but a road filled with hope.

I Peter 5:7; Luke 10:41; Luke 12: 25-26; John 14:27



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