Misdirected Zeal

This week as we continue our study in Romans, we focus on Romans 10: Misdirected Zeal. For I can testify about the they are zealous for God, but their zeal is not based on knowledge since they did not know the righteousness that comes from God and sought to establish their own, they did not […]

The Music in Your Soul

This past summer I had the pleasure of watching a violin maker go through the steps of creating a violin. It was quite a remarkable process but each step had a vital purpose from the selecting of the wood for the violin to creating the violin using a template, cutting it out and endless hours carving […]

Do I Belong?

Friends, we all have a longing to belong; belong in a family, a group of friends, fit in in our workplace, But the biggest desire we have to belong can only be filled by God.  Having a bunch of friends on Instagram or Facebook only gives us a false sense of belonging. Now let’s get […]

Introduction to Upcoming Romans Study

Good Morning! I made this video to introduce our new study of Roman during Teaching & Worship beginning this week. You can join me live in Charleston at Ashley River Baptist Church this Thursday, or join the livestream group at St. Peter’s in Mt. Pleasant. You can also stream at your convenience. Click here for […]

God’s Will for Your Life (Video Blog)

Earlier this week I shared a post about Living a Purpose Driven Life. Today I want to continue on that subject with a video about God’s Will for Your Life. We all want to know that, don’t we? What’s God’s purpose for my life? Scripture is laden with God’s promises for our life, and the […]

Identity in Christ (Video Blog)

Good morning, Making Space for God Community! Today I want to share with you a video blog about one of the most significant topics for women today – our identity in Christ. The world and our culture try to send us so many messages and tell us who we are, but the true question is […]

His Presence Brings Purpose

This week was the last week of our 2018-2019 Teaching & Worship Experience so we celebrated all that God has done with a Celebration Luncheon. At the luncheon, we announced that next year we will be studying Romans and I & II Samuel (Following the Call) – please stay tuned to our website for more […]

Raising Girls

Good morning Drawing Near community! The favorite part of my week is to blog on different subjects of interest and normally of interest to both men and women. This week I am addressing a subject that was brought to my attention by one of my Drawing Near leaders. And by the way, these leaders are […]

Fly High or Dive Deep?

Good afternoon, Making Space for God friends! I love “Making Space Monday” blog where I get to share my thoughts with you about ways to grow in our Christian faith. This morning, I have been thinking about whether or not I am the kind of person that likes to fly high or dive deep. Not […]

Healed by His Wounds

Once again, I wanted to pop in here and share with you some notes from my weekly teaching. Although our study of Isaiah is coming to a close, we’re excited to be offering not one but two studies during our semester starting in January. I invite you to join me for a short 3-week series […]