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Nehemiah: Rebuilding Walls – Study Guide


12 Week Bible Study

The study of Nehemiah will transform your life! Nehemiah, a Jew, was given permission to help rebuild the broken down walls of Jerusalem. The Jews, in captivity for 70 years were beginning to emerge again, building back the walls and temple of their beloved city, Jerusalem. As you walk through the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem, you will walk through the rebuilding of your own broken-down spiritual walls. This is a powerful study designed to bring you healing and wholeness.

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Table of Contents

1. Compelled to Pray

2. Following a Call (not God-Given Strategies)

3. Inspecting the Wall

4. Strategies for Repair

5. Opposition to the Rebuilding

6. Faith and Action

7. Social Injustice

8. Warfare Strategy

9. Moving Forward

10. Spiritual Revival

11. One New Man

12. Promise Keeper


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