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Romans: Living Transformed Lives Study Guide


12 Week Bible Study

Paul’s purpose in writing to the church in Rome is to present the gospel, God’s plan of salvation to both the Jew and the Gentiles. He begins by surveying the spiritual condition of mankind in need of a Savior. Paul’s central message is that we are under grace and not the law.  This is a great study to help you become grounded in Christian doctrine.

Table of Contents

Getting Started: An Overview of the Study of Romans

Lesson 1: The Power of the Gospel (Romans 1:16)

Lesson 2: Darkened Thinking (Romans 1:21)

Lesson 3: God’s Righteous Judgment (Romans 2:3)

Lesson 4: God’s Faithfulness (Romans 3:3)

Lesson 5: Justification by Faith (Romans 4)

Lesson 6: The Effects of Reconciliation (Romans 5:8-10)

Lesson 7: Dead to Sin, Alive in Christ (Romans 6:1-7)

Lesson 8: The Spirit-filled Life (Romans 8)

Lesson 9: More than Conquerors (Romans 8:28)

Lesson 10: God’s Promises Stand (Romans 9)

Lesson 11: Misdirected Zeal (Romans 10)

Lesson 12: Living Sacrifices (Romans 12)



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