Where is God?

I have been thinking about the questions I am frequently asked as a ministry leader:

Where was God when I needed Him the most?

Why does God feel so distant?

Why should I count on God when He has let me down?

So many good questions. I say good because our faith will never grow if we don’t question. Doubt is not a negative. Doubting leads to questioning and questioning leads to answers. And I have found that not fearing the doubts of others, not fearing our own doubts and concerns about faith, actually helps to lead us closer to God. And.. ultimately closer to His Son, Jesus. My faith journey has been one of questioning, however my heart has been open. And this is the key. Is your heart open to meeting the One who can answer these questions?

I remember as a young woman with three children, having gone to church my whole life, beginning to recognize that my Christian walk was flat and that I was full of questions. One day as I was reading my Bible, I came to a passage in Jeremiah that said: ” If you seek me you will find me.” So I made a deal with God. I said: ” I will seek you, but this better be real. I need you to be real.” That was the statement, raw as it was, that turned my life around. Our sincerity in seeking is what leads us to Truth.

Jesus said, I am the way and the truth and the light. No one comes to the Father except through me. He said that He was the great I Am, and the Son of God. He made radical statements that infuriated the religious leaders of His day. He did not have identity issues. He knew who He was, where He came from, and where He was going. He knew that He was and always will be Truth and that if we seek Him, we will find Him.

Today’s world is filled with people seeking truth. The mind is an amazing thing and often truth is sought on an intellectual basis. I have great respect for learning and continuing to learn. The world is filled with magnificence that needs to be mined by curious minds. But there are spiritual truths that need to be mined as well; even more because one day we will all leave this earth and we need to be secure in knowing who we are in Christ, where we are going and the way to get there. Our culture is in need of a King; not a king in the sense that we consider a king, but a King from another realm. A King that offers supernatural peace that emanates from another world and who leads us into His eternal world. Everyone is seeking something. But we all need to be seeking SOMEONE.

Living in a post-Christian world, there is fear that Christianity is marginalized and that Christians are becoming more intolerant and unrealistic about the world in which we live. I contend that Christianity is more relevant today and that there is a growing movement of people seeking truth and finding Jesus. If hearts are open, the most radical person that ever lived claiming to be the Savior of the world, will find His way into your heart. Truth will find a place and peace will ensue. I am sharing my heart with you today, because as a Christian, we must remember our mission. Our mission is to love the Lord with all of our heart, soul, mind and our neighbor as ourselves. Our mission is to stay on mission and help people who are seeking find Jesus. The problem is that the church is distracted these days with so many other issues; politics, the racial divide, the pandemic.

But Jesus…

Came to seek and save the lost. His arms are open and He uses Christ followers to help seekers find their way. Church, it’s time for us to open our arms and love our neighbor. People are watching how we treat our neighbor. People are watching how we walk in truth. Are we smug? Are we angry at the world’s events? Or are our arms open?

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