Beware of Bitter Root Judgments

Good afternoon and welcome to making space Mondays (for God that is). Some of you have just stumbled onto this blog because you are dealing with what the Bible calls bitter root judgments. Let me just put this out there on the front end. If you are a living-breathing-human being then at some time in […]

The Tyranny of Jealousy

Good morning and welcome to Making Space Mondays! This morning we are making space for God to root out jealousy from our hearts. At the root of jealousy is pride and the combination can steal our freedom in Christ, impact our lives negatively, and create disruption in our relationships. What is jealousy? Jealousy is defined […]

Video Blog – Offenses

Good morning, Making Space for God community! Today I want to share with you a video blog about offenses. We’ve all been offended in our lives – some of us may have even encountered this over the holidays! But God has a way for us to deal with offenses. Let’s take a look at was […]

Why Me?

Do you ever think that God is out to get you, that He is just waiting for you to mess up? Sometimes, I meet Christians who view their lives through the “Why me?” lens. The question I have is this: ” Why not you? ” I say this because life has it’s share of suffering […]

The Blame Game

Happy Monday! The other day I witnessed a couple in a heated argument. I was not eavesdropping; it was just impossible not to overhear their conversation. They were blaming each other for something that their child did. I went home and smugly thought to myself,  ‘So glad that I am not prone to blaming my […]


Good morning Making Space for God friends! This last weekend I realized that I am sick and tired of my phone. And I mean it. I am on a few group text threads and I lost track of the conversation. By the time I picked up the whole conversation had shifted and I was left […]

When God Says No

Does anyone get frustrated with God? Anyone ever been disappointed with God when things did not turn out the way you had planned or even hoped for? Every person has experienced these things and as a Christian, the question remains, “How do we react when God says no?” This is especially significant when we were […]

The Stuff that Drives Us Crazy

Today I want to share with you an older blog post that still rings true today – about the stuff that drives us crazy and how we, as Christians, are taught to react. There is a song that I just love about things that drive me crazy (you can listen to it here or below.) In […]

Be Careful What You Think

Welcome to Making Space Monday (for God, that is!) As we continue our journey of spiritual growth together, I want to address our thought life. Scripture is clear that as a man thinks so he is. This is one of my favorite Scriptures because it always gives me cause to observe my actions to see […]

Slow to Anger

I recall a few years ago getting a call from a friend who said they needed help with their anger; that they simply could not help being angry all the time and that it was becoming obvious that something was brewing under the surface of their heart. The problem was they did not know what […]