Giving Thanks through Worship and Praise

Happy Thanksgiving! Today is a beautiful day which has been designated for giving thanks. It is also important to remember, though, that we do not need to wait until a Thursday in late November to give thanks to God! Let’s look at the account of Paul and Silas and how their praise and worship opened […]

Forgetting the Past

I have been thinking a lot lately about why it is so difficult to put our past behind us– specifically those things we would rather forget. We sometimes simply get stuck in the past and find it impossible to grab hold of the future. With one hand in the past, it is difficult to move […]

Crisis & Response

A couple of months ago, I wrote a blog on how Crisis is Revealing. Today I taught on crisis and how we must respond as Christians, looking at Esther 3 & 4. I always share notes from my teaching on the blog on Thursdays. Let’s start by looking at spiritual warfare: Our battle is not against […]

Puzzle Pieces

Today in our study of Esther we looked at Esther 1 & 2. Remember that even if you can’t join us live, you can sign up to follow along via streaming to hear the full teaching. I always share some of the notes from my teaching on my blog so today I want to share […]

Redemption at the Gate

Today was our last week looking at Ruth in our study of Ruth and Esther. Here is a quick summary of what the story of Ruth has shown us on many levels: God paves the way for the king that His people need. Not just about God’s faithfulness (Hesed) to Naomi and Ruth. God’s covenant […]

What a Beautiful Name

Today I want to share with you this beautiful song that has been on my heart lately, What a Beautiful Name. Today in our Bible study, we had the privilege of hearing Julianna and Elise play this song. You can hear their version by watching the streaming of our lesson here. Below is a video […]