Following the Call: Leading Courageously Study Guide


Following the Call: Leading Courageously Study Guide


12 Week Study Guide

Have you ever wondered what it would take for you to be a torchbearer—one who is willing to take risks to radically pursue God and lead others to follow? The world is starved for leaders who know that the only thing worth living for is the passionate pursuit of God. This study is designed to challenge you to abandon the status quo and step into the call to lead courageously. Based on the book of Samuel, you will walk in the footsteps of David, a shepherd boy made king. You will walk with David down the path of jealous opponents who want to quench the call, treck through the forest of sin and intrigue, and follow the man, anointed to be King of Israel who learned to surrender to The King. We all lead in some capacity in our lives whether it is at home, at work, at church or in ministry. This study will empower you to fulfill your destiny as a torchbearer for Christ.

Table of Contents

Lesson 1: God Looks at the Heart

Lesson 2: Defeating Giants

Lesson 3: Choosing God’s Will

Lesson 4: A Servant’s Heart

Lesson 5: Being Courageous for God

Lesson 6: Courageous Worship

Lesson 7: A Teachable Heart

Lesson 8: A Committed Heart

Lesson 9: Visionary Leadership

Lesson 10: Growing in Christ-Like Character

Lesson 11: Turning Back

Lesson 12: God’s Faithful Word

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