Gods Great & Precious Promises-Study Guide

Gods Great & Precious Promises-Study Guide


12 Week Bible Study based on 1 & 2 Peter

Welcome to the study of I and II Peter. I am excited to be joining you in the adventure of learning more about Jesus Christ and the hope that He brings to each of us! One of the main themes of I Peter is that God will use our suffering as Christians to make us strong, firm, and steadfast. Peter writes to strengthen the persecuted Christians scattered throughout Asia Minor reminding them of God’s great and precious promises. His letter is filled with exhortations to live a holy, humble, and submitted life before God in order to allow suffering to work God’s character into their lives. Peter calls his readers to be a separate people, strangers to this world, and yet filled with hope and grace. Peter told them not to fear, but to set Christ apart in their hearts. That is true for us today as we seek to be a people set apart for Christ, bringing hope to others. Peter identifies the process whereby we grow to be more Christ-like, setting our hope fully on the grace to be given to us. (1:13). I Peter is a letter of hope, promise, and action encouraging us to be spiritual houses….offering spiritual sacrifices to God. (I Peter 2:5)

Table of Contents

Lesson 1: A People of Hope

Lesson 2: Faith Proved Genuine

Lesson 3: Pursuit of Holiness

Lesson 4: Living Stones

Lesson 5: Living in the Light

Lesson 6: Setting Christ Apart as Lord

Lesson 7: Casting all Your Anxieties on Jesus

Lesson 8: Resisting the Evil One

Lesson 9: His Diving Power

Lesson 10: Growing in Christ-Like Character

Lesson 11: Recognizing False Teaching

Lesson 12: Growing in the Grace and Knowledge of Jesus Christ

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