Love Has a Name

Lately, I have been hearing a whole lot of talk about love– what love is and what it is not both in secular and in faith circles. And what I find fascinating is that we talk about love in so many ways. According to a Google search, love is defined as An intense feeling of […]

Time Out

We are just beginning to emerge from from a world wide “time out”. It is surreal to think that the pandemic caused many of us to shelter at home. Now we are beginning to reopen cities, jobs returning and a new normal is being set for us. But before we race off to the new […]

Mothers Unite

Since Yesterday was Mother’s Day, I want to direct this post to mothers around the country and encourage all of you mothers out there who are discouraged, weary, guilt-ridden-stressed-filled, and simply worn out. Some of you may not be Moms yet or are spiritual Moms but the principle of seeking Jesus first is the same. […]

Mom Alert

Good morning making space friends! Today my topic is for women only. Although I know we have men subscribers, you are welcome to tune in, but this is specific to what it means to be a mother. Motherhood is all it is cracked up to be. Motherhood is the best gift we have been given […]

Why Me?

Sometimes I ask myself the question: ” Why me Lord?” Why do I have to forgive when I have been wronged? Why do I have to do something for someone else when I am so busy? Why do I have to be kind when someone has been unkind to me? The questions are endless and […]

God is Near to the Broken Hearted (Video Blog)

Today I want to share with you a video that I did a couple of summers ago when I was cleaning up some of my grandchildren’s toys at my house. As I was cleaning, God spoke to me about talking to our loved ones who are broken-hearted. God does that, doesn’t He? He takes the […]

Waiting and Wondering

As we approach Mother’s Day weekend, I want to share an older blog post about waiting. Some of you may be waiting to become mothers. Others may be waiting for a wayward child to turn around. You could be waiting for a relationship to be healed, for physical healing, for a job, you name it. […]

Working from Rest

Friends, I hear from people every day they are overwhelmed with life; emotionally or physically fatigued and even flat-lined in their faith. I have always believed that the enemy of best is good. So as we enter late spring, and end of the school year with ten thousand activities, let’s examine ways to reposition ourselves […]

Relationship Reboot

Good morning and welcome to Making Space for God Mondays. Some of you may have stumbled on this blog and I am excited that you did. Every Monday I bring up ways we can draw closer to God. And more specifically how we can grow to have an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. We are […]

Love Hurts

I am writing this blog with a heavy heart. My Dad is dying and it is so very sad for all of us. He has been a remarkable Father in many ways and letting go is one of the most difficult things I have had to do in my lifetime. What I realized today, is […]