Hindsite 2020 Video Blog

As we have been sheltering in place, I have heard comments that range from “ I am struggling with home schooling, I need a break” to “ I am lonely and feeling isolated.” We can all agree that the pandemic has impacted each of in different ways. Many have lost their jobs and their sense […]

Time Out

We are just beginning to emerge from from a world wide “time out”. It is surreal to think that the pandemic caused many of us to shelter at home. Now we are beginning to reopen cities, jobs returning and a new normal is being set for us. But before we race off to the new […]

Be Anxious For Nothing

Beloved friends, who would have ever thought we would live through something such as Covid 19? I sure didn’t. I didn’t even think about potential pandemics. Living in Charleston, SC I have had enough to think about when hurricane season rolls around. But after this season of fear, anxiety, and loss of control, I realize […]

Be Anxious for Nothing

Earlier this week, I wrote a blog post titled, “Are You Worn Out Yet?” You see, sometimes our calendars and schedules can get overbooked and we get worn out from that. And other times it is our anxious thoughts that make us worn out. So that’s what I want to talk to you about today […]

Are You Worn Out Yet?

Good morning and welcome to Making Space Monday! As women we are powerful, multi-taskers, bright and filled with His Spirit; we are the daughters of the King. But we also have a weakness –a propensity to overbook and do too much. So why on this beautiful Monday morning at the beginning of the new school […]

Gold Plate

As the new school year begins and our personal commitments change. I thought it may be helpful to review a previous blog post about my “Gold Plate” and take time to reevaluate what is on our plate.  What needs to be removed and what needs to be added? Join me in Making Space for God […]

Taking Away the Heavy Yoke

Good morning, Making Space for God community! Now that we’re “unofficially” into summer, let’s talk about rest. For some people, summer can be a truly restful time – no school or schedules. And for others, it seems even crazier than the school year, with vacations, family visiting, camps, etc. But God invites us – at […]

Working from Rest

Friends, I hear from people every day they are overwhelmed with life; emotionally or physically fatigued and even flat-lined in their faith. I have always believed that the enemy of best is good. So as we enter late spring, and end of the school year with ten thousand activities, let’s examine ways to reposition ourselves […]

Trembling at His Voice

This week in our study, Living in God’s Presence, our lesson was entitled, Trembling at His Voice. What a cheery title, right? But in all seriousness, this week we talked about the beauty of God’s voice– His whisper. So many of us fear His voice and yet He is the tender Shepherd who leads us into our hopes, dreams […]

Bucket List

I have always been intrigued by the expression ” bucket list”. I wonder who made up that phrase meaning those things that we hope to do in our lifetime? When I think of a bucket, I think of filling it up with water, or seashells since I live near the beach…. but things I want […]